Winc Studio is a branding and design studio that builds websites and creates brands. We are a collaborative agency and thrive working with others, we strive to build ongoing relationships.

The companies we work with are wide ranging: some are just getting started, others have been established for decades.

Our core values are: Be bold, be brave and keep it simple.

Working with the UK’s favourite supermarket, we designed a blueprint for  all of their direct email marketing services. We researched and designed a robust modular design system that needed to work across the entire Waitrose ecosystem, such as WaitroseCellar, WaitroseGifts and WaitroseFlorist.

The Challenge

The original framework had an excess of 80 components that had a separate desktop and mobile module. We were asked to simplify the modules while keeping enough flexibility to work for different aspect of the business.

The Outcome

Working closely with the Direct Marketing Team we slimmed down the amount of modules and created a guideline document so that artworkers and content manager could supply consistent imagery and text.

We also worked on designing print campaigns for WaitroseCellar for numerous years. Working within the brand guidelines we were asked to create an initial stand-out campaign for their Blueprint Wine Selection.  We developed the campaign identity, adding distinctive visuals and layouts without straying from the guidelines. The campaign was applied nationwide across in-store point of sale.