Branding, Design & Code
Bristol, UK


— Brand Guidelines
— Email Design
— Print Design

We partnered with Coastal Studio to help redesign the Waitrose Direct Services email guidelines and email templates.

After looking at their analytics, we researched and designed a robust modular design system. This needed to work across the entire Waitrose ecosystem, such as WaitroseCellar, WaitroseGifts and WaitroseFlorist etc.

To put our system to the test, we designed all of the WDS emails from 2015 — 2018.

We designed an excess of 50 modules for both mobile and desktop versions of the email. There were multiple hero image options which gave flexibility for the offer, product, message that the Waitrose team were marketing in that campaign. For subsequent copy, a variety of layouts were designed to allow extra offers or promotions to be shown.

A guideline document was also created so that any contractor or designer could be easily onboarded to start creating the assets needed for the production team. This went into great detail including: element spacing, image treatment, headline and copy sizing as well as a colour palette to help keep things consistent.

The original system was overly complex, so we needed to strip it down to the core components.

Due to the limitations of email, we had a very narrow scope for web safe font options, so decided to compliment the Waitrose branding with Trebuchet for the headlines, this had great coverage across all email clients. We kept Arial for the body copy as a nod to the previous design.